Tami Anthony

A Tantalizing  Novel of Love

A Look into the Ugly Side of Young Love

Tami Anthony has been writing since she was in grade school and was always drawn to the allure of writing a  novel. She majored in English at Rutgers University and along with personal life experiences, has been influenced by seeing what other friends and family have experienced. Her latest novel, "The Bachelorette Project" is currently available in paperback on Amazon™ for just $9.99, with free shipping for members with a Prime account. You can also purchase the Kindle™ format for just 99¢.


Enter a world of love, comedy, and misunderstanding with this novel.

About the Novel from Author Tami Anthony

When an unfortunate twist of fate leaves 28 year-old socialite Leslee Robinson broken-hearted and unemployed, she embarks on a journey to discover what boggles every single woman's mind: What do men REALLY want and how do you find the perfect mate? With the help of Annie, a self-conscious, sarcastic single mother; and Karen, the neurotic, perfectionist 'bridezilla,' Leslee creates a 'scientific' dating experiment designed to uncover the enigma of the male species. 

After multiple dates gone awry and unanticipated encounters of the extreme, Leslee decides to confide in the last person that she'd ever consider asking dating advice from: Eric, her handsome college friend with a reputation of being a womanizer. Aside from Eric's infamous bachelor tactics, she can't help but to be oddly attracted to him. The BACHELORETTE Project is the chronicle of a woman's journey to maintaining true friendships, discovering herself, and learning lessons of love.


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